Basic Training

for new users

The basic training mainly deals with the installation, configuration and usage of SeisComP3. It covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to characteristics of SeisComP3
  • SeisComP3 Installation
  • Generation of station information including responses
  • Configuration of the acquisition and processing modules through the new graphical user interface
  • Tuning of SeisComP3 for local earthquake monitoring
  • Practical training (focusing on off-line playbacks and hands-on tuning)
  • Data management utilities

Advanced Training

for experienced users

The focus of this advanced training is on data analysis and tuning of the automatic system for local application. The training lasts 4-5 days and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to tuning options of the standard SeisComP3 package
  • Introduction to scanloc
  • Introduction to new S-picker algorithm
  • Offline playbacks
  • Tuning of scautopick and scautoloc for local earthquake monitoring
  • Configuration of scanloc
  • Configuration of new S-picker
  • Data analysis and tuning
  • Further customizations as local velocity models, MLh configuration etc.

In addition the participants get an institute-wide 5 years license for

  • scanloc (cluster search based automatic earthquake detection and localization module)
  • the new S-picker plug-in (SAIC)
  • map projections plug-in

Requests / Registration

contact us

You may register for public courses or ask us to train a dedicated group of experts. We conduct the training in our dedicated training room offering direct contact to our developpers. Alternatively we will visit you at your premises for training on your own training system.

Find our upcoming trainings  and use the contact form for registration, requests for training or any other question.

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