Professional edition of SeisComP3


What makes it "Pro"?

Addons and support

SeisComPro is an extension of the SeisComP3 community package distributed by GFZ Potsdam to fulfill the requirements of earthquake and industrial microseismicity monitoring.

It comes with CAPS a new acquisition server that is optimized for redundant multi sensor data acquisition and can be used as a replacement for SeedLink/ArcLink providing full compatibility to SeisComP3.

To improve local earthquake and microseismicity monitoring scanloc  has been developed to fill the existing gap in the core package of SeisComP3. The scautopick extension S-AIC which provides automatic accurate S-picks even improves the scanloc results.

To customize maps an essential requirement for microseismic earthquake monitoring where high resolution data is mandatory, the SeisComP3 comes with new mapping functionality supporting various map projections and tile servers such as OpenStreetMap.

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