GAPS / WebApps

Web based earthquake analysis


What is gaps?

GAPS is our application server integrated into the SeisComP3 framework. GAPS exposes interfaces accessible through the HTTP or Websocket protocol. GAPS closes the gap between desktop and web.

It is optimized for high load, serves static files like css, html, js and exposes an Ajax API to receive SeisComP3 objects likes picks, quality parameters as well as data records in real time. GAPS complements QuakeLink  to build interactive and responsive web applications for SeisComP3.

GAPS ships with highly interactive modern web applications to monitor seismic activities, show real time data of your network or monitor station qualities.

Demo  Documentation


Monitor seismic activity

EqView shows recent event (most likely earthquake) activity in predefined regions. Each widget (see screenshot: upper right corner) shows one region with custom event filters, e.g. all events not older than one week with magnitude above 5.

If a new event has been detected a panel will open (see screenshot: lower left corner) that shows the traces of the next 10 stations and more detailed information. After a configured time span that panel will close itself again. Furthermore the most recent event is blinking in the main panel as well as in the widgets.


Monitor station quality

StationView shows a map with all configured stations of your SeisComP3 installation. The color encodes the currently activated parameter:
  • delay
  • latency
  • ground motion

The red border of the station symbol indicates that a pick (a detection) has been made. The more opaque the border the more recent it is. Clicking on a station open the panel (see screenshot: left side) showing the last 10 minutes of real time data and more detailed informaion.


Real time traces in your browser

TraceView visualizes your real time like e.g. scrttv is doing it. Furthermore it shows the latest event indicated by a green line with magnitude and region.