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CTBT: Science and Technology 2017 Conference (SnT2017)

We enjoyed presenting our latest solutions for monitoring earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis and man-made structures at the CTBTO Science and Technology 2017 Conference (SnT2017) in the wonderful Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

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SeisComP3 release Jakarta-2017.124

May 8, 2017  ·   Release SeisComP3

We have released the SeisComP3 in the new version Jakarta-2017.124. This new release adds new features, optimization and stability to the SeisComP3 modules.

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SeisComP3 for monitoring seismicity on Korean penninsula

SeisComP3 has been successfully used to monitor seismicity on the Korean Penninsula.

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AGU Fall Meeting 2016

We have experienced a successful week at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, USA.

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Monitoring earthquakes at gas storages in Italy

Seiscomp3 and gempa modules will be used by OGS to monitor seismicty in north-east Italy.

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SeisComP3 and gempa Modules at NRCan, Canada

We have installed SeisComP3 and gempa modules for earthquake monitoring, research and event dissemination at NRCan offices in Ottawa, Canada.

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