TOAST Upgrade and Moment Tensor Modules for Tsunami-Early Warning at BMKG, Indonesia

At BMKG in Jakarta, Indonesia , we have upgraded SeisComP3 and TOAST to the latest release and installed the modules MTV and AUTOMT for determination of earthquake moment-tensors. gempa GmbH has been supporting BMKG to establish and to increase capacities for earthquake and tsunami early warning for Indonesia and the Indian Ocean. The new software modules will enhance the capabilities at BMKG to monitor earthquakes in Indonesia and the oceans around. Hands-on training at BMKG for new moment tensor modules will enable the operators to rapidly determine the source mechanism of earthquakes that are required input parameters for tsunami modeling and early warning.

Already in the previous version of TOAST for tsunami modeling and simulation time-efficient GPU-based on-the-fly tsunami simulations were implemented. The new TOAST release now additionally provides a plug-in making use of pre-calculated scenarios for tsunami generation and propagation developed by AWI, Germany .