TOAST predicts local tsunami for the M7.7 Ecuador earthquake on 16/04/2016

April 21, 2016

gempa Modules

Local tsunami waveheigths of up to 40 cm where observed for the M7.7 Ecuador earthquake on 16/04/2016. The hypocentre, mangitude, centroid depth and moment tensor were calculated using SeisComP3 and MTV. The tsunami was modelled and observed based on TOAST.

The inital earthquake hypocentre at 10 km depth was refined to 40 km by inversion for the centroid moment tensor. The moment tensor shows clear thrust faulting with trench-parallel strike where the Pacfic plate subducts underneath South-America. The maximum tsunami waveheights (SSH max) at tide gauges reach 0.4 m similar to the estimated values. The tsuami waves at the coast can be observed for several hours as shown in the SSH (instantaneous wave heights) and the waveforms view. Predicted tsuami waves arrive after about 2 hours at the Galapagos Islands. The observed and predicted tsunami arrival times and wave heights agree well.

TOAST for tsunami observation and modelling and MTV for centroid moment tensor determination belong to the gempa product family . MTV is a joint development of gempa and GFZ Potsdam .