New gempa GmbH website

Dec. 15, 2014



Since we are focusing our work on our projects and our clients, we neglected our online appearance a bit. There are currently so many interesting products in development or ready for production that we want to let you know about them.

We also get many questions regarding SeisComP3 trainings that we decided to publish the dates and contact information also here. We did that also on the old website but it is always problematic to enter announcements in various sources and to synchronize them. Now the good thing is that we are synchronizing our companys calendar with the web site and the administrator does not need to enter the data over and over again. Makes life easier for us, means more time to spend on projects instead of administration and keeps you updated.

Technical details

Let's dig into some technical details of this web site for those of you who are interested. This web site has been built with Python powered by the awesome Django framework and Django CMS , a layer on top of it. Since Python is the scripting language for SeisComP3 and on our servers are already lots of Python codes running along with Apache it was never a question to use a ready-to-use CMS built with another scripting language such as PHP. With Django CMS the full power of the Django framework is to your hands as well as powerful CMS functions. And we can bind it with SeisComP3 easily. Programming a web site is what we did this time.


  • Leif Lobinsky for design and support
  • Malcolm Teasdale and his employer "KiwiRail" who provided us the railway picture shown in the "Earthquake Monitoring" title